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Degree in Tourism    

The Degree in Tourism at the University of Lleida therefore offers a formal qualification in order to meet the demand for professionals in the sector. It will enable graduates to pursue a career anywhere they wish to do so. It also offers students the opportunity to take a specialisation in the types of tourism developed in the inner parts of Catalonia, the Pyrenean foothills and the Pyrenees, where activities such as rural tourism, ecological and mountain tourism, and urban and cultural tourism are in full expansion.

From an educational point of view, the Degree in Tourism run by the UdL’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism is characterised by the importance given to business training, since most graduates will go on to work in the tourist industry. With regard to teaching methods, we are committed to continuous assessment, active pedagogical methodology and professional training (internships are compulsory). In addition, students are given an introduction to research methods (final project). One of the greatest advantages of the curriculum is that subjects are coordinated to ensure that students receive basic grounding in the field and that content is not duplicated from one subject to another.