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Why study?

Universities are committed to the creation and transfer of knowledge, and professional training. Therefore, the professional training of students is our main goal. Universities must also respond to the demands of a constantly changing society and, at the same time, they must embrace knowledge in all its dimensions. It must firstly be guaranteed that universities’ knowledge and traditions continue and are updated in order to continue to offer a specific intellectual, scientific and human experience. Secondly, agile and flexible responses must be given in order to implement teaching methods that reflect the demands of society.

Tourism has become an activity that has significant repercussions socially, culturally and economically. It has managed to improve the living conditions of the countries and regions in which it has been developed and, today, unlike other economic sectors, it is expected to experience significant growth outside of what, until now, were considered its natural development areas (the coast for sun and beach tourism, historic towns and unique natural areas).

The tourism sector has been a key sector in the development of the Spanish economy and society since the 1960's. "Sun and beach" tourism has been transformed and has expanded into other areas such as rural and mountain areas, and cities. Tourism likewise keeps up with the times, as reflected in the constant changes it has undergone to adapt to the developments that new technologies and lifestyles have brought to society.

Tourism has always needed good professionals, at all levels, and in all sub-sectors of activity, such as the hotel industry, the field of mediation, management and tourism planning. Professionals at the top of the industry must be capable of developing a wide range of skills, and they must have an open personality with high-level transversal training.

Career opportunities

The Degree trains students pursue a wide range of careers, including the following:

  • Director/manager of a tourist business
  • head of administration for a tourist business
  • head of marketing for tourism products
  • reservations manager
  • director of a tourist accommodation business
  • area director of accommodation
  • director of F&B
  • travel agency director
  • events advisory technician
  • product manager
  • director of a tourist transport company
  • office manager for a transportation company
  • scale aviation technician
  • tourism resources advisory technician
  • product manager
  • public administration management technician
  • destinations promoter
  • manager of tourism development programs
  • director of a tourist board
  • director of a tourist office
  • guide and interpreter
  • activities promoter
  • research assistant
  • consultant and teacher