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Educational aims

Internships on the Degree in Tourism were put in place with the clear aim of training future professionals who have the skills required to solve management problems in their chosen field of competence.

Its other function is to bridge the knowledge gap between the University and the professional and business realities of our society. The internship gives added value to the Degree in Tourism, as students will gain professional recognition and learn to adapt to the job market in whatever location they choose to exercise their skills.

To achieve these objectives, the internship programme’s sets out to facilitate and encourage the exchange of opinions, and establish an ongoing dialogue with the business, professional and institutional fabric of Lleida. Therefore, businesses, professionals and institutions are able to play a greater role and be more involved in the learning process of students.

Moreover, this internship programme should allow businesses and professionals to gain invaluable, firsthand information about the academic level of students at the University of Lleida and their experiences in the business world.

From this experience, students on the Degree in Tourism will have the opportunity to attain a number of transversal skills, as defined in the curriculum and, at the same time, they will be able to develop a more specific set of skills related to the different functional areas of a company or institution, such as:

  • The ability to act with integrity, make a personal commitment and deliver quality.
  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis.
  • The ability to organise and plan.
  • Correct oral and written expression.
  • The ability to perform tasks related to the various functional areas of a business or institution.
  • Command of IT.
  • The ability to work and learn autonomously, as well as in collaboration with others.
  • Teamwork and leadership.